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Thank you for visiting and we hope reading through these pages will inspire you to join us, in a lifelong journey to become better gentlemen.

Our ultimate aim is to bring all the different aspects of being a gentleman under one roof: providing an easy platform from which to aid the growth of all men who wish to be more of The Complete Gentlemen.

In the words of Albert Einstein: "Nothing happens until something moves". So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to delve right in:


It's important to be well prepared and one aspect of this is to be fully equipped. This area looks at the material things a gentleman should have to hand, from aiding his everyday working to getting him or someone else out of a serious difficulty. No more asking yourself "Now, if only I had…".


"Clothes make the man." said Mark Twain, while this is not the be-all and end-all, apparel is important and represents us to the outside world - Ignore the relevance of your dress style at your peril. This section provides information about clothes and wearing them (well)!


From Ancient Civilizations, up to the generations of today, we can see little has changed with regard to Man and his nature. This section charts the definition and development, with regard to the concept of a Gentleman, and outlines just how much there is to learn from the past that is relevant for us today - as Socrates said: " The beginning of wisdom is a definition of terms".


Planning a party, dinner, get-together or looking for something to do? Here is a list with reasons to celebrate at any given moment in time - not that a Gentleman needs a reason to celebrate. The Complete Gentleman knows how to entertain and be entertaining - this resource is your aid to being a great host, with distinction.


Most social interactions occur over drinks of one type or another (e.g. Beer, Coffee, Lemonade, Spirits, Wine etc.) and so knowing about and being able to prepare/serve a variety of liquids should never be underestimated. Here we look at all types and styles of drinks for The Complete Gentleman to entertain and interact effectively with people from all backgrounds.


Manners are an integral part of a Gentleman's overall outward appearance, they have great impact on how a man is perceived by society at large. Etiquette is a guide for social interactions, which can be summed up by the golden rule: "Do to others as you would have done to yourself". This is an important part for the continuing development of The Complete Gentleman.


This has been a traditional role for a man - to provide and manage his and his families finances. Today this role is usually (and thankfully) a shared or joint endeavor. It is still, as ever, important for a man to be responsible - including being able and willing to financially manage his life. This section looks at a plethora of tips and techniques, helping The Complete Gentleman build and develop his financial acumen at home, in work and with any self-employment activities.


There are very few things which can (and should) top the list as the most important aspect for our lives. If fitness is not at (or close to) the top of your list we strongly advocate a revision! This section gives theory and practice, in exercising, for beginners to the most advanced practitioners - covering all round activity for Cardiovascular, Flexibility and Strength Training. Now there are no more excuses!


Many social gatherings include food and knowing about, and being able to prepare/serve a variety of food should never be underestimated. Here we look at all types and styles of food, good nutrition and cooking skills for The Complete Gentleman to entertain and enjoy the company of well fed friends and relatives.


As with a gentleman's attire, his outward appearance is important. However, besides looking clean good grooming gains another dimension - odor - and a man needs to smell good not just for himself but for other people around him. Consider your grooming from head to toe and learn all you need to know to be more of The Complete Gentleman.

Hobbies & Pastimes

It's time to switch off the TV and do something else! A Gentleman of Leisure is never bored and has a host of things to do, why not go and indulge yourself? Whatever you choose to do, make it a passion and entertaining not just for yourself but those around you - be more of The Complete Gentleman.


A man needs to not just exercise his body but his mind also. We look at the why and what of learning and give guidelines for The Compete Gentleman to follow in gaining knowledge and culture. There are so many things to understand and know about that this really is a life time journey! "As the soil, however rich it may be, cannot be productive without cultivation, so the mind without culture can never produce good fruit." - Seneca.


The overall encompassing aspect of entertaining: the types, occasions and times of day or night for gatherings. Regardless if it's associates, family, friends or neighbors, The Complete Gentleman knows how to attend or host a great party.


The characteristics of a Gentleman - What virtues, values, morals, beliefs etc. The Complete Gentleman might might seek to improve upon. We identify practical ways and ideas to develop more of these principles to be incorporated in your life: " Perfect practice makes perfect" - Vince Lombardi.


We become a Son at birth, hopefully make friendships as we grow and then perhaps start Dating and learn about Romance - with all it's trials and tribulations. Maybe we end up becoming a Partner, Husband and/or a Father, we certainly encounter loss and grief, all of these things are defining moments in out lives - and rarely easy! Find a host of tips and techniques for these close relationships which can make us more of a Gentleman.

Safety & Self Defense

Here we look at prevention (i.e. Security & Safety) and potentially curative activities (i.e. fighting) - not just for you but, to help your loved ones and any people you encounter who may be in need. Being willing and being able to fight for your life are two different things! Thus we investigate methods (armed and unarmed) and highly recommend learning a Martial Art/Combat System.

Your Home

This is where you most frequently eat, sleep, play and rest - it's your base of operations - so it needs to be yours. No matter if it's a rented studio condo or large mansion of your own, it must belong to you and reflect you, not just for you but also for your family and/or guests to be comfortable. After all, as Pliny the Elder said: "Home is where the heart is."

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