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In virtually any country where the climate is hot and insects abound you’ll find people using fly-whisks. Clearly the use of fly-whisks have declined in modern times as the advent and widespread usage of insect repellent creams and sprays have come into play. However, these chemical repellents are not always 100% effective and can wear off, thus you may not wish to rely on them or use them at all. Enter the fly-whisk!


During the summer months, use a fly-whisk while relaxing outdoors. Many fly-whisks are relatively inexpensive and you could buy a small collection and place them in a suitable container for guests to use – imagine sitting around with drinks, in idle conversation, with a group of people using fly-whisks - you might just set a trend! After all, mosquitoes and "no-see-ems" are almost everywhere.

Horse Riding

If you ride, you and your horse may be thankful if you have a fly-whisk. Replace your usual crop with a whisk as this can perform the same function and they are frequently long enough to reach under a horse’s chest, belly and hindquarters. However, please note, not all horses react favorably at first so you need to check and desensitize them with a bit of conditioning, if necessary (fortunately this usually doesn’t require much work).

Quick Tip: be wary of using your whisk around other horses who may not have been desensitized as yours has! An added bonus: fly-whisks can have a calming effect on a horse, useful when they are being looked at and worked on by farrier, vet etc. Check out this You Tube video to see what we mean:

Exercise & Self-Defense

Use a Fly- Whisk while performing Tai Chi:

Or as a means to hide your moves while performing martial arts:

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