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Clothing Accessories

An Overview

There are numerous items that may be added to your clothes to create an accent, providing additional “flavor” to your look. Mostly utilitarian there are a range of accessories that may be employed by a man, we recommend checking these out to see what you could add to your attire:


Pronounced “Boo-ton-ee-air” this is French for a buttonhole holder but is also the general term used for a flower in your buttonhole. The buttonhole holder is usually made of metal and holds a flower in a jacket lapel whilst providing a repository of water to keep it fresh. With the many possible flowers to choose from, this makes a great accent, plus the fresh flower can be substituted for a silk one or even a feather instead. Done stylishly and carried well this can be superb, it’s unfortunate some see this as too effeminate – they have no idea what they missing out on.


Use these as subtle jewellery on dress shirt cuffs instead of using the cuff buttons or with double folded French cuffs (that have no buttons). Matched with a suit, these really up the formality level and style for any man.

Fob Watch

This timepiece on a chain has declined tremendously over the last century, and has primarily been replaced by the wristwatch (see below). Generally used with a vest (waistcoat) the chain is draped across the torso between the central buttons and a pocket but it can also be used from a belt (or belt loop) and a pant pocket. This is another way for a man to add jewellery to his attire and particularly when in more formal dress (e.g. shirt with cufflinks), is a more comfortable and stylish method of wearing a timepiece.


Practical for keeping your hands warm (and often dry) these can be made from knitted material to high quality leather (polished & suede) and can be lined with a variety of fabric including sheepskin. A whole range of colors may be found, providing restrained or vibrant contrasting options to go with your choice of ensemble.


Anything from a baseball cap to a trilby or fedora can be used but make sure it’s the right size (and size of brim if appropriate) for your head and facial shape. Hats provide for a variety of uses including keeping your head warm, keeping the sun out of your eyes and providing shelter from the sun or rain. Worn well a hat can “cut quite a dash”.

Pocket Square

This is a square of material, usually silk, placed in the top pocket of a jacket and has no practical purpose and is purely for show (Tip: it is not to be used as a handkerchief). It really lifts your presentation with an inexhaustible choice of color and pattern - this is one of the best accessories for any man to make a positively strong stylish statement.


Usually made of a woollen fabric (but also cotton, silk etc.) and wrapped around the neck, this is a practical accessory to keep you warm. The wealth of textures, colors and patterns available, not to mention the methods for wrapping and/or tying it, makes this a most versatile clothing accent for a man.


Get the right shape for your face and in the right color for style, they are very practical for keeping the sun out of your eyes. These are often seen as the ultimate addition for men to look “cool” or even add an aura of “mystery”.

Tie Bar

This is a piece of metal fashioned into a narrow elongated U-shape and is used to hold a tie to the placket of a shirt, thus stopping the tie from moving around. This has a strong practical usage and is another area where a man can add a piece of jewellery to his attire.

Walking Stick

Used as a walking aid this is often seen as a tool of the infirm and/or the elderly. However this is useful for anyone out walking on uneven or slippery terrain and it can also be used for self-defence (i.e. stick fighting). So while utilitarian (in more ways than you think as some styles hide useful tools e.g. compass, flask, pool stick etc.) it is also a decorative item and though colors generally follow subtle lines some can be quite outlandish.


Once a staple for most men, today with the advent of modern technology (e.g. cell phones) this timepiece worn on the wrist has declined in popularity over the last few decades. However, it is still another item of jewellery a man can wear and often to good effect with a wide choice of bands and styles available - providing for an understated delivery.

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