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Drinking Alcohol Responsibly

The Drinkers Dictionary

By Benjamin Franklin

Drunkenness is a very unfortunate vice…it bears no kind of similitude with any sort of virtue, from which it might possibly borrow a name; and is therefore reduced to the wretched necessity of being expressed by distant round-about phrases…to be well understood to signify plainly that a man is drunk.


He is Addled;  He’s casting up his Accounts;  He’s Afflicted;  He’s in his Airs.


He’s Biggy;  Bewitch’d;  Block and Block;  Boozy;  Bowz’d;  Been at Barbadoes;  Piss’d in the Brook;  Drunk as a Wheel-Barrow;  Burdock’d;  Buskey;  Buzzey; Has Stole a Manchet out of the Brewer’s Basket;  His Head is full of Bees;  Has been in the Bibbing Plot;  Has drank more than he has bled;  He’s Bungey;  As Drunk as a Beggar;  He sees the Bears;  He’s kiss’d black Betty;  He’s had a Thump over the Head with Sampson’s Jawbone;  He’s Bridgey.


He’s Cat;  Cagrin’d;  Capable;  Cramp’d;  Cherubimical;  Cherry Merry;  Wamble Crop’d;  Crack’d;  Concern’d;  Half Way to Concord;  Has taken a Chirriping-Glass;  Got Corns in his Head;  A Cup to much;  Coguy;  Copey;  He’s heat his Copper;  He’s Crocus;  Catch’d;  He cuts his Capers;  He’s been in the Cellar;  He’s in his Cups;  Non Compos;  Cock’d;  Curv’d;  Cut;  Chipper;  Chickery;  Loaded his Cart;  He’s been too free with the Creature;  Sir Richard has taken off his Considering Cap; He’s Chap-fallen.


He’s Disguiz’d;  He’s got a Dish;  Kill’d his Dog;  Took his Drops;  It is a Dark Day with him;  He’s a Dead Man;  Has Dipp’d his Bill;  He’s Dagg’d;  He’s seen the Devil.


He’s Prince Eugene;  Enter’d;  Wet both Eyes;  Cock Ey’d;  Got the Pole Evil;  Got a brass Eye;  Made an Example;  He’s Eat a Toad & half for Breakfast;  In his Element.


He’s Fishey;  Fox’d;  Fuddled;  Sore Footed;  Frozen;  Well in for’t;  Owes no Man a Farthing;  Fears no Man;  Crump Footed;  Been to France;  Flush’d;  Froze his Mouth;  Fetter’d;  Been to a Funeral;  His Flag is out;  Fuzl’d;  Spoke with his Friend;  Been at an Indian Feast.


He’s Glad;  Groatable;  Gold-headed;  Glaiz’d;  Generous;  Booz’d the Gage;  As Dizzy as a Goose;  Been before George;  Got the Gout;  Had a Kick in the Guts;  Been with Sir John Goa;  Been at Geneva;  Globular;  Got the Glanders.


Half and Half;  Hardy;  Top Heavy;  Got by the Head;  Hiddey;  Got on his little Hat;  Hammerish;  Loose in the Hilts;  Knows not the way Home;  Got the Hornson;  Haunted with Evil Spirits;  Has Taken Hippocrates grand Elixir.


He’s Intoxicated.


Jolly;  Jagg’d;  Jambled;  Going to Jerusalem;  Jocular;  Been to Jerico;  Juicy.


He’s a King;  Clips the King’s English;  Seen the French King;  The King is his Cousin;  Got Kib’d Heels;  Knapt;  Het his Kettle.


He’s in Liquor;  Lordly;  He makes Indentures with his Leggs;  Well to Live;  Light;  Lappy;  Limber.


He sees two Moons;  Merry;  Middling;  Moon-Ey’d;  Muddled;  Seen a Flock of Moons;  Maudlin;  Mountous;  Muddy;  Rais’d his Monuments;  Mellow.


He’s eat the Cocoa Nut;  Nimptopsical;  Got the Night Mare.


He’s Oil’d;  Eat Opium;  Smelt of an Onion;  Oxycrocium;  Overset.


He drank till he gave up his Half-Penny;  Pidgeon Ey’d;  Pungey;  Priddy;  As good conditioned as a Puppy;  Has scalt his Head Pan;  Been among the Philistines;  In his Prosperity;  He’s been among the Philippians;  He’s contending with Pharaoh;  Wasted his Paunch;  He’s Polite;  Eat a Pudding Bagg.


He’s Quarrelsome.


He’s Rocky;  Raddled;  Rich;  Religious;  Lost his Rudder;  Ragged;  Rais’d;  Been too free with Sir Richard;  Like a Rat in Trouble.


He’s Stitch’d;  Seafaring;  In the Sudds;  Strong;  Been in the Sun;  As Drunk as David’s Sow;  Swampt;  His Skin is full;  He’s Steady;  He’s Stiff;  He’s burnt his Shoulder;  He’s got his Top Gallant Sails out;  Seen the yellow Star;  As Stiff as a Ring-bolt;  Half Seas over;  His Shoe pinches him;  Staggerish;  It is Star-light with him;  He carries too much Sail;  Stew’d;  Stubb’d;  Soak’d;  Soft;  Been too free with Sir John Strawberry;  He’s right before the Wind with all his Studding Sails out;  Has Sold his Senses.


He’s Top’d;  Tongue-ty’d;  Tann’d;  Tipium Grove;  Double Tongu’d;  Topsy Turvey;  Tipsey;  Has Swallow’d a Tavern Token;  He’s Thaw’d;  He’s in a Trance;  He’s Trammel’d.


He makes Virginia Fence;  Valiant;  Got the Indian Vapours.


The Malt is above the Water;  He’s Wise;  He’s Wet;  He’s been to the Salt Water; He’s Water-soaken;  He’s very Weary;  Out of the Way.

Published in The Pennsylvania Gazette, January 13, 1737.

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