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It is easy to add items to your bag but within a short space of time it can certainly become a disorganized black hole. It can also be time consuming when transferring the contents from one bag to another. To bring some level of OCD to this chaos (and a hint of style and panache), we have a variety of suggestions for better organization and storage options within your EDC bag(s).

General Organization

Packing Envelopes

A useful method of organizing contents and providing ease of transfer is the use of packing envelopes (i.e. small individual bags). There are plenty of versions available and are relatively cheap. Many are better than using Ziploc bags and last a little longer, but do not expect them to last a lifetime. Our best tip is to use different colored bags, for different groups of items, as they make for quick and easy retrieval (e.g. blue bag for computer cables as your computer is kept in a blue colored protective sleeve etc.). Using bags like these is certainly better than a tangled mess at the bottom of your EDC bag!

Grid It Organizers

Available in various sizes and colors, these rubberized woven elastic object retention systems can be configured in any way you wish.

Protective Computer Sleeve

If transporting a laptop/notebook, you can provide additional protection by encasing it in a protective sleeve. Ensure you get the correct size sleeve for your computer, plus make sure it will still fit in your EDC bag with the added padding. "Case Logic" and "Incase" both produce a good range of protective sleeves.

For those who are frequent flyers there are TSA compliant sleeves, where you do not need to take your computer out of the sleeve, thus reducing potential damage. Check out ebags, for their "Solo CheckFast" range of sleeves, priced from $20 to around $40.

Alternatively try the Ohmetric 2 in 1 Workstation kit, containing a protective hard shell case/workstation platform and a mobile organizer. Not only will you have a comfortable way to protect and transport your laptop and accessories during your travels, you'll also have an entire portable office at your disposal. The 2 in 1 kit is designed for travelers, with features to get you through airport security quickly and reduce travel-related hassles. The hard shell workstation platform and the mobile organizer let you get work done comfortably even while on a flight. Both components integrate into an EDC bag and are quickly removed. These are also sold as 3 in 1 options where they are supplied with a bag - in Backpack, Computer/Laptop or Shoulder type bag options.

Organized Storage for Electronics, Cords etc.

The Universal Travel Case by Amazon Basics, offers secure storage space and prevents scratches to small electronics, power adapters, ear buds, memory cards etc. The small plastic case has interior stretch-mesh pockets to help keep everything in its place.

Although on the bigger side, the Mobile Electronics and Accessories Carrier by Victorinox is the ultimate padded case. It is designed to hold a variety of devices and accessories including: mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, power cords etc. and is easy to retrieve from and store in a large EDC bag.

Use Gear Ties, to tie around cables to keep them in a tidy configuration.

Lunch Container Sleeves

However, if you have space and are looking to impress Going In Style has a stylish Travel Picnic Kit for two costing $40 (all you need is the food and drink and a bag to put them in).

While this may be a bag within a bag approach, opening your EDC bag and displaying your lunch is not always the image you wish to portray. They also serve the purpose of preventing leaks and spills going any further; plus in many cases can insulate the food and/or provide for an ice pack to be inserted. We have 3 suggested options from Amazon, ranging from $15 to $25.

Pens, Pencils etc.

Many bags, note pads, document folio’s etc. already have slots or holders for at least one or two writing implements. If you need to carry a collection of different pens and pencils then a pencil case may well suffice. However, one of the difficulties we have found with such a case is finding the pen/pencil you want, requires a degree of rummaging around.

Instead, try using a pencil roll (or two!) – our suggestion is the pouch by Niji, which holds up to 25 pencils. If you need to carry significantly more pens/pencils than a roll permits, consider a “hard” pencil case instead – we suggest the one by Tran Deluxe capable of holding up to 120 pencils. 

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