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Emergency Preparedness


Planned Relocation

Prior to any possible evacuation, ensure you have thought about where you may go. Think about family and friends homes you might go to (especially those out of state) – even if you have to camp out in their back yard. Think about camping locations you could use and even formal designated shelters. Make sure you know the route and have a map as necessary (do not rely on electronic equipment to guide you).


Next, if authorities tell or recommend you evacuate, do not stop to think about it but just go. Unfortunately some people, when advised to evacuate, leave it far too late and end up stranded or are delayed in the open, usually in gridlocked traffic. Therefore, be prepared and able to evacuate, ideally in around 15 minutes – this gauged timing is also useful if you have a property on fire and are able to remove your evacuation equipment in good time.

In the vast majority of cases, you will be able to evacuate by vehicle and thus carry more. In this case, your evacuation kit is very similar, if not the same, as your shelter kit (see our Emergency Preparedness – Taking Shelter). Our suggested list of additional equipment to be prepared for Evacuation:


Ensure your vehicle has a full tank of gas, plus several spare containers filled with fuel. 


Tent – large enough to house you and all your household members, or several smaller tents for all the people concerned.


1. Boat (e.g. canoe, dingy etc.) and life jackets (PFD’s) – especially important if flooding is possible. You’ll also need the ability to attach the boat safely to your vehicle (unless, of course, it’s being towed).

2. Bolt Cutters – you never known if you’ll need to cut away fallen chain link fence etc. – name your own possible usage!

3. Bug spray and antihistamine cream for bites, stings and poison ivy!

4. Chainsaw (including fuel & oil) – you never know when you may need to clear a path (even across roads). Don’t forget to include gloves and goggles plus you may wish to include a length of chain to tow items out of the way.

5. Cooler – good for keeping dairy products fresh.

6. GPS – great for finding your way around, especially when taking unfamiliar routes. Ensure you have the ability to recharge it as necessary.

7. Hand/feet warmers, very useful in cold weather.

8. Hunting & Fishing – besides protection, you may need firearms for hunting meat and fishing rods (and tackle) to land some fish to eat.

9. Large hunting style knife and sharpener.

10. Map of your area with detailed topographical features (you never know when your GPS won’t work or when you’ll need to go off road).

11. Tool box with a standard set of tools – don’t forget: saws (wood & metal) and a car mechanics socket set.

Things To Do Before Leaving (If Time Permits)

1. Check on neighbors, especially the elderly and/or handicapped. Are they evacuating? Can you help? Can you take them or anything for them?

2. Unplug and disconnect everything i.e. water, gas and electrics. Maybe leave fridge and freezers running or empty them out completely!

3. Prepare the house for the disaster e.g. board up windows (you might want to prepare for this and have boarding already cut and predrilled) or you might have working shutters you can use; place sandbags around areas where flooding may travel etc.

4. Relocate all moveable items from the yard indoors e.g. garden furniture, pots, hosepipes etc. Even empty out sheds!

5. Keep an inventory of your material possessions - a quick way is to video each room! Don’t forget to take this with you.

6. Lock up your home and get going!

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