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There are so many benefits to being fit and healthy but, it is hard work to get there and stay there! If you are currently far from being fit we look at how to build a habit of fitness with lots of easy to start (and continue) routines & programs with supporting tips. For those who already have a great level of fitness, we provide a host of different workout's to aid your continued development for a lifetime of fitness. This is the one area The Complete Gentleman should forget about excuses and, in the words of the Nike advertising slogan, "Just do it".


What is Fitness?

Body Weight Training

All-Purpose Body Weight Work Outs

A001: Basic 5 PyramidA002: Basic 5 Timed BlocksA003: Basic 10 Timed CircuitsA004: Up and Down Ladder 50A005: Basic 4 at SpeedA006: HIIT TwoA007: Basic 5 Timed Splits.

Bottom Half (Leg) Body Weight Work Outs

B001: Basic 3 Leg Ladder 50.

The shape of things to come

The following are a list of items we plan to cover in the future, subscribe to our site to ensure you don't miss out on their arrival!


Age Differences, Anatomy, Benefits, Body Mass index, Body Types, Fitness Costs, Importance of Fitness, Muscle Fiber Types, Survival of the Fittest, Right Physique, Weight Control, and Why have we become Unfit?


Breathing, Circuit Training, Fitness Clothing, Common Mistakes, Conditioning, Exercise Partners, Fartlek, Exercise Equipment, Fitness fashion Fads, Form & Technique, Free Styling, Freshening up after a Workout, General Physical Preparedness, Green Fitness, Gym Usage, Home Gym, How much Exercise do I need?, How to Start, Hydration, Injuries, Intensity, Interval Training, Metabolism, Motivation, Music whilst you Work Out, Non Exercise Physical Activity, Peripheral Heart Action training, Personal Trainers, Plateau's, Recovery & Restoration Methods, Rest Days, Safety, Speed Training, Supplements, Sweating, Testosterone, Time for Fitness, Warm Ups, When to Exercise and Workout Format.


Lists of cardiovascular activity from Adventure Racing to Water Workouts, with detailed plans and schedules to follow for each, to gain great aerobic fitness.

Flexibility Training

Everything from Activation of Muscles to Yoga, what to do and how much, with routines to follow.

Strength Training

Weight Training Exercises with workouts to use, to build and develop muscle.

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