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The Importance
of Grooming

For centuries ladies have been making use of every trick in the book to make them more attractive and alluring. These beautifying techniques have developed to what some may consider calling an art form. The male beast however, is often considered hairy & unkempt,  while apt to emitting odors, which turn heads - for all the wrong reasons. Isn’t it about time gentlemen took full advantage of all the skills and art of grooming also?

The Best Presentation

The impatient male beast often stands in the way of a gentleman looking great. The cave man mentality is to go off into the woods to hunt, with little thought or care with regard to his daily ablutions. A grooming schedule is the last thing on his mind! The civilized gentleman pays attention to grooming details; he is concerned to ensure his appearance and odor is neither disconcerting nor generates disgust and loathing in others. Should we not seek to present ourselves to the best of our abilities?

A Celebration

You may recall growing up and seeing your father’s shaving ritual and longing for the day you would be able to emulate this. It was a sign one was transitioning from boy to man, a rite of passage into manhood. For many of us, this becomes forgotten and can be replaced with drudgery. We can become lazy. Shaving is a key essence of being a gentleman; surely it’s time to celebrate our grooming rituals?

Female Thoughts

And what do ladies think about the grooming habits of men, or lack of them? Broadly speaking, only about 10% are willing to speak out and actively criticize (either positive or negative) a close gentleman friend about his grooming. This takes no account of what they think privately or talk about with other female companions. For instance, 99% of ladies find hair on the backs of males unattractive. For very hirsute gentleman around the world, our hearts go out to you, for you have a mammoth (pun intended) uphill struggle to contend with. Don’t wait to find out what a woman thinks about your grooming, take positive action now to try and ensure they have nothing negative to say about your grooming.

High Maintenance?

Grooming is only high maintenance if you make it so. True, for some men, grooming requires more work and effort due to their skin or hair types. There is a middle ground to be achieved, somewhere between nothing at all and everything. You should not turn into a person who spends hours in the bathroom, plucking everything in sight and smoothing each tussle ad infinitum. We know of female friends who share a general rule of thumb: “Never go out with a man who has more toiletries than you have”. Worrying over your looks is the slippery slope to vanity, not something anyone should practice.

Your Sanctuary

A gentleman’s bathroom should be a sanctuary – welcoming, minimalist, clean and tidy. There’s no reason for a bathroom to be a store for hundreds of different tools and products. The key is finding the right products and methods which work effectively and efficiently for you. A man always uses the right tools for the job, you should spend your money on items that work for you, and not worry if it’s a budget price nor start spending hundreds on the latest fad. Make sure you use grooming products you think are quality; worth the price; and do what you’re looking for. Do your best to make the bathroom a place of simple pleasure and enjoyment.


Personal hygiene and appearance may have been something for the opposite sex to be concerned with, but for a gentleman to ignore this is unhealthy. So, where to begin? What is the right grooming approach? In the early part of your development into a man you probably experimented. This experimentation process is very important in defining your style and is not to be underestimated (even if some unspeakable results occur). However, do not stop experimenting – your appearance (also work and leisure pursuits) continues to change across time and therefore your grooming should too. Find fragrances, which suit your own body chemistry, take care of your skin according to your environment and the seasons, and find a hairstyle according to your hair type (especially as it thins and quite possibly drops out!).


Find out what is best for you by simply looking in a mirror. Ask your relatives, friends and partner for their opinion. Ask the professionals (e.g. your hair stylist), they have extensive experience and are up to date regarding new products available. Do not be afraid to get a professional barber to teach you how to shave or visit a beauty salon to learn about manicures and pedicures. You will be amazed at your deficit in knowledge and how much you can pick up to apply to your grooming routine.


A gentleman is also a private individual so keep your grooming activities to yourself. Close and lock the bathroom door and keep your toilette out of sight - even from loved ones. Maintain that air of mystery and your well-groomed appearance will appear natural, as if you haven’t needed to try at all - simple elegance is the aim.

Male Bonds

Certainly discuss issues, problems or concerns with other close male friends, as appropriate - it helps to create and keep those male bonds in life. However, heed the following warning on personal exchanges:

A bear and a rabbit were standing in a field, looking out and enjoying the wonder of nature. The bear looked down at the rabbit and hesitantly asked: “When you erm….defecate. Does it er…um…stick to your fur?” The rabbit looks up and says “No, why?” The bear simply picks the rabbit up, wipes his bottom with the rabbit, before throwing him over a hedge and walking off (with a pleased look on his face).

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