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Emergency On The Go Grooming Kit

Some days are longer than others, or that’s how it can feel, taking their toll on you and your body. At some point throughout the day it might feel nice to have a shower and gain that refreshed feeling. However, having access to and time for a shower is not always possible.

You might be at work or play and have been running around, even caught in the rain – and now you have an important meeting or wish to go somewhere nice to eat. You might have been out all day and wish to go for a drink or a meal with friends, or even a date, but have no access to water, a bathroom, let alone time to go home first. This is where an Emergency On The Go Grooming Kit can come to the fore!

Prepare this extremely useful kit (or even two) and keep at work, in your vehicle or EDC Bag. The aim is to have items on hand, which do not necessarily require access to water, to gain that clean and refreshed feeling again.


Use body wipes in place of soap and water - try this Action Wipes Multipack (25 individually wrapped). You'll need to use one for the top half of your body or two for your whole body. If you have access to water, moisten one to help it go further, for an all over body wipe.

Use a small container of your usual deodorant or antiperspirant.

Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer to wash your hands without water.

Have a nail file to clean grime from your nails.

Include a spare undershirt and maybe even underpants and socks, particularly useful if you perspire a lot or in a hot climate.


using oil-free facial wipes removes "shine" and are better at combating acne - try these Matte for Men Complete Cleansing Cloths, 30 in a resealable bag.

Alternatively, Seventh Generation, have 30 in a resealable bag for $15. Much cheaper but have a citrus orange mandarin smell.

Oil-free Face moisturizer - to revive skin and combat shine try Baxter of California (4 oz), best for normal to oily skin types. If you have dry skin, use your normal moisturizer (decanted into a small container).

Don't forget to include a small bottle of your cologne (or decant it into an atomizer).


Most people's hair still looks fine, even after a long day, so little needs to be done. However, if you have oily skin, you'll probably have greasy flat hair towards the end of a working day. If so, try using a dry shampoo - it wicks away grease while doubling as a grooming cream. It is also effective when you've been caught in the rain or if you have thin hair. Our product of choice is Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion, however please note: it can be difficult to use and takes a bit of practice, but certainly worthwhile!

Include a hair Brush or comb to help smarten and refresh your hair style .


A Tootbrush and toothpaste is standard kit and very useful, but you’ll need water for these. If this is a problem consider using the Wisp toothbrush from Colgate. These come in a pack of 16 and are disposable one time use, mini toothbrushes - strong positive favorites of ours.

Plus include some mouthwash - use your normal wash, decanted into a small leak proof container (or alternatively use a travel size one and top up as and when necessary).

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