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The Perfect Dopp Kit

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So…what are all the items you’ll need to keep well groomed when traveling. Here we’ve tried to provide an exhaustive list, segmented into broad categories. Each category is linked to a page where you can find tips, suggestions, alternatives and other ideas for the listed items. You can easily dispense with any not required or are simply inappropriate for you. It tends to be easier to omit from someone else's list, than to create your own, so here goes:

Dental & Oral Care


Lip Balm/Salve

Mouth Wash




Dental & Oral Care page.

Hair Grooming




Hairstyling Product(s)


Hair Grooming Contents page.

Optical & Ear Care

Contact lens, saline solution & cleaning agent

Spare Spectacles/Sunglasses

Spectacle/Sunglasses cleaner

Spectacle Repair Kit

Cotton Buds

Ear plugs

Optical & Ear Care page.




Face Cloth

Hand/Foot Creams



Wash Bowl

Washing Contents page.


Electric Razor


Shave Oil

Shaving brush

Shaving soap/cream

Styptic Pencil

Moustache/Beard kit

Nasal Hair Trimmer


Shaving Contents page.

Nail Care

Nail Clippers

Nail Brush

Nail File

Nail Buffer

Cuticle Pusher/Orange Stick

Nail Care Contents page.


Emergency Medical ID

Ready-Made First Aid Kits

Dental Emergency Kit

Empty First Aid Bags

& Anti-diarrhoeal Tablets

Antihistamine Cream & Allergy Tablets

Band Aid/Plasters

Blister Care

Cold Remedy

Gold Bond Powder

Insect Repellent

Motion/Travel Sickness & Jetlag Tablets

Pain Relief Tablets

Prescription Medication


Medicine Contents Page


Batteries & Battery Charger


Sex Lubricant

Clothes Brush/Lint Roller


Sewing kit

Stain Remover(s)

Safety Pins

Shoe Care Kit


Pocket Knife


Shoe/Boot Laces





Plug/Sink Stopper

Clothes Line

Electrical travel adapter

Eye Shade/Sleep Mask



Toilet Tissues & Wipes

Travel Iron

Travel Clothes Steamer

Jewelery Case

Travel Tray

Travel Bar

Collapsible Pocket Cup

Travel Gym

Travel Blanket & Pillow



Clothes Hanger(s)

Alarm Clock

Smoke Hood

Smoke Detector



SIM Card

Duct Tape

Do I Really Need All of This?

The simple answer to this is “No, of course not!” When space and weight restrict you, take the bare minimum. It is incredible what you can do without. When space and/or weight are not at such a premium, take everything appropriate to your needs. Consider the duration and nature of your trips and pack accordingly. We suggest you generally err on the side of caution and act in keeping with the Boy Scout’s motto of “Be Prepared”.

Top Tip: Multiple Dopp Kits

Perhaps of more use to frequent travelers, this is still beneficial to occasional travelers too. Consider the trips you do and prepare an individual Dopp Kit for different scenario's. For example, for us, we have found it useful to have the following different purpose Dopp Kits:

1. The Quick Dopp Kit - the bare minimum and extremely light in weight, great for hikes and/or overnight camping or for an impromptu overnight stay at friends.

2. The Flying Dopp Kit - contains the best items for short trips when flying i.e when the Dopp Kit is put in "carry on" luggage. Here the aim is no liquids and of reasonably light weight.

3. The Adventurer Dopp Kit - similar to the "Flying Dopp Kit" but contains all the items for more exotic locations e.g. electrical adaptors, anti-malaria tablets etc. This can be particularly useful if you frequently travel to another country.

4. The Full Monty Dopp Kit - contains everything for all eventualities. Perfect for road trips, long trips where luggage is stowed, when accompanied by children etc.

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