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Optical & Ear Care Contents

Contact Lens, Saline Solution & Cleaning Agent

If you use contact lenses, your requirements tend to be very individual - you know what works, and what is required to maintain them, so pack accordingly. Always take an extra set (or two) as they can tear/break or be lost. A standard contact lens case and small bottles of solution tend to be sufficient; if you want a case just for the lenses we suggest one with a carabiner, like the one from Amazon (available in a small range of colors).

For short-term trips you might like to consider an all in one travel kit. These tend to be low quality, may leak, come in odd colors and the life span short but they are low price and the idea is sound ((maybe worth a gamble - if you can find higher quality ones please let us know).

Spare Spectacle/Sunglasses

Reading, sunglasses or otherwise - if you need them, take a pair (or two). Glasses are easily damaged and this always seems to occur when you don’t have a spare pair, so to reduce the risk of damage we recommend the use of a spectacle case when traveling:

A simple basic hard case from MyEyeGlass Case is available in black, brown and other colors.

For soft case versions try niceEshop's inexpensive soft zippered case with hook clip, available in numerous colors.

Alternatively try the Nite Ize rugged case.

If you use contacts and spectacles, try the dual case for spectacles & contacts by Travelon. This is particularly useful for long days and for air travel (where the cabin air is often dry).

Spectacle/Sunglass Cleaner

You can use virtually any piece of material to clean your spectacles (at a pinch) but be wary of scratching the lenses. The small cleaning cloth (often provided free with your spectacles) is readily available from opticians and is ideal for short trips - keep it in your spectacle case for ease. However, best of all are  microfiber cloth's.

For longer trips, or where you know your glasses will be exposed to harsh conditions, rather than take a container of liquid cleanser, take moist cleaning tissues. Zeiss do 200 individually wrapped wipes, which can also be used for other optical lenses e.g. binoculars, cameras etc.

Spectacle/Sunglass Repair Kit

A useful addition for carrying out minor repairs/replacing lost screws to spectacles. We like the small and simple set of 3 kits by Pro Tool.

Now add to these with some truly remarkable Snap-It screws, that fit most circumstances, and you should be able to deal with the majority of repairs.

Cotton Buds

Although not recommended for cleaning your ears (because they can push the wax further into your ear), many still do, believing they are suitable. If you use them, wrap in a plastic bag, using an appropriate size according to the number needed. An alternative is an Ear Pick wax remover, Rosallini have a set of 10 metal ones, if you’ve never used one before give them a go.

Ear Plugs

If you just want to block out sound to aid sleeping then try Hearos xtreme noise reduction (14 pairs).

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