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My Gineration, Mollington, Near Chester, Cheshire, England, UK.


When Rosemary Sedgwick, her husband Martin and their two (now grown up) daughters moved to Mollington in Cheshire, a friend gave her a Sloe Gin recipe, and little did she know this really would be the beginning of a new life. She started making Sloe Gin for family and friends and frequently scoured the countryside for blackthorn bushes. One particular year proved to be a poor harvest and she decided to try using passionfruit instead. As a thank you for donating cheese for a local charity event, Rosie gave a bottle to Peter Papprill (a.k.a. The Cheese Detective), a local known for sourcing and supplying artisanal cheese to the trade. Shortly afterwards she received a phone call from Peter explaining he was enjoying her drink with Michelin star chef Simon Radley. Between them, they convinced Rosie to produce her liqueurs commercially.

In July 2004, Rosie set about building her liqueur business. As the founder and Managing Director of My Gineration, she undertakes everything herself including picking the fruit, making the liqueurs, filtering, bottling, labeling, marketing, deliveries, accounts and running the website. With no background in business or the drinks industry, she has predominantly taught herself. However attending a business training course, led to the relaunch and rebranding (using a professional designer) of My Gineration in 2009. She set up a production facility (no longer using her kitchen) and today has a thriving business, producing over 14 products in varying sized offerings, giving her the well-earned title “The Gin Queen”.

Perhaps part of her success lies in her condition where she sees what she tastes. Known as Synaesthesia (union of senses), this is where two or more senses cross over or even combine. Rosie paints what she sees when tasting these liqueurs, producing a graphical taste representation, provided with each bottle. In her words, her expertise comes from "coaxing astonishing flavors out of fruits where they have been left to mind their own business, and putting them into alcohol where they can really let rip."

Previously a Hospital Pharmacist, Rosie is not just a one trick person. In October 2005 she started Egyptian Belly Dancing and has developed this into a business too. Giving performances at entertainment events, in January 2012 she also stared teaching at the Sirocco Academy of Egyptian Dance.


My Gineration.

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