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Special Caribbean Gin


Made for Alambic Classique, Bad Wörishofen, Bayern, Germany, by an undisclosed distillery in Scotland, UK.


Alambic Classique.


Alambic Classique is an importer and wholesaler of specialist spirits, and was established in 1981 by owner Hermann Suppanz.


This is made with an undisclosed but “well established” Gin. It is distilled, matured and bottled in Scotland from a single cask, limiting the number of bottles available with each production run. Each run can vary depending on the barrels used to age the Gin:

2011 – Aged for 13 years (11 years in Whisky barrels and 2 years in Caribbean Rum casks), limited to 272 bottles.

2013 - Aged for 15 years (14.5 years in Whisky barrels and 6 months in Caribbean Rum casks), limited to 285 bottles.

2014 - Aged for 16 years (15 years in Whisky barrels and 1 year in Caribbean Rum casks), limited to 230 bottles.

The amber colored Gin is presented in a tall clear cylindrical whisky-style bottle with a bulbous neck. The large rectangular white colored label has blue colored text and design, with silver foil accents.


Barrel Aged Gin.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

2011 – 65.6% ABV (131 Proof).

2013 -  62.5% ABV (125 Proof).

2014 - 62% ABV (124 Proof).

An average of 63.4% ABV (127 Proof).

Price Range

$$$$$$$$$ - $$$$$$$$$$. Not available in the USA. It is made for the German market and we have been unable to identify a suitable supplier to ship to the USA.




Alembic (Alambic in French) is the general term for the copper distillation equipment used to produce distilled spirits (specifically Cognac when using the French word) - the two spellings are often unknowingly used interchangeably. Here the French spelling is paired with a description of the spirit to create the Gin’s name.

Tasting Notes

Unfortunately with the limited availability and difficulty in sourcing a supplier, we have been unable to sample this Gin. Unlike most Cask Aged Gins while this uses Whisky barrels for aging it finishes off in Rum barrels, and may appeal to Gin and Rum drinkers - although individual drinkers of these spirits may not like it! Seek some adventure and keep an open mind with this choice; it has a long maturation period that should make its taste special. We’ve heard some comments and here’s an overview:

2011 - herbs, coriander, citrus lemon and juniper flavors from the Gin start out and are followed by Rum with smooth vanilla and pine notes.

2013 - coriander, citrus lemon and juniper flavors from the Gin start out and are followed by Rum with smooth vanilla, chocolate and oak notes.

2014 - strong juniper flavor from the Gin starts out and is followed by Rum with chocolate and oak plus some fresh herbal notes.

Awards & Accolades


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