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Boxer Gin


Created by Mark D Hill of Greenbox Drinks Ltd., London (and made by Langley Distillery, Birmigham), England, UK.


Boxer Gin and Greenbox Drinks.




The base spirit is made from wheat grown in the East of England and produced via column and copper still distillation. The botanicals are steeped in this base spirit before being gently redistilled in a copper pot still over 100-years old, affectionately referred to as “Angela”. The juniper berries and bergamot are both slow distilled separately to extract more of their essential oils, before all three of the distillates are combined with sweet spring water from Sussex, to produce the final Gin.

Presented in a tall clear cylindrical bottle, screen-printed with images of old fashioned pugilists.


London Dry Gin.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

40% (80 Proof).

Price Range

$$$$$ - $$$$$$. Not available in the USA. Try Master of Malt in the UK and expect to pay an additional 60% for shipping.


The 11 botanicals used are: angelica root (Belgium), bergamot (Italy), cassia bark (China), cinnamon (Seychelles), coriander seeds (Bulgaria), juniper berries (wild Himalayan from Nepal), lemon peel (Spain), liquorice root (Italy), nutmeg (India), orange peel (Seville, Spain) and orris root.



Tasting Notes

On the nose is citrus (orange & lemon) and juniper with floral spicy notes. On the palate this slightly sweet and oily spirit displays juniper, citrus and floral tones including bergamot plus tangy spice. The close has long bitter juniper, peppery spice, dry Earl Grey tea (bergamot) and sweet citrus. This is a balanced and complex Gin.

This is a nice London Dry Gin but with floral (bergamot) and spicy notes enough to give this spirit a modern day twist to a classic. Unlike many Gins, this is not overpowered in a Gin & Tonic (even when made quite weak) giving a lingering touch making this a drink to savor. In a Martini, what makes it stand out in a G&T suddenly blends with the Vermouth to make a soft herbal appeal to one’s senses. Most unfortunately, we have only sampled a small amount of this Gin and eagerly await the opportunity to get some more. We believe this is a new Gin for 2013 with limited supplies, but we have high hopes and wishes to see more of this in the future.

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