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Brockmans Gin


Ginuine Ltd., London (made by G & J Greenall International, Risley, Warrington), and Ripley, Surrey, England, UK.


Brockmans Gin (low in informational content but very high in a style - best described as “slick and offbeat”) and G & J Greenall.


Founder Kevan Crosthwaite, his brother David Crosthwaite and two friends Robert (Bob) Fowkes and Neil Everitt launched the company in late 2006 and the Gin in late 2008. It is clearly aimed at the young and trendy “night life” market. Have a look at their stylish movie “Out of the dark” on Brockmans website, with a running time of a little over 5 minutes.

Established back in 1761, Greenall’s are the oldest continuously producing London Dry Gin distillery in the world. Thomas Dakin built the distillery initially, Edward Greenall started using it and in 1870 it was purchased completely (The G&J comes from Edward’s younger brothers – Gilbert & John). The previous chairman, Lord Daresbury, was a direct descendent of Edward Greenall. The family motto “Alto Peto” translates as "I Strive Higher". This once cottage based industry is now the second largest gin distillery in Britain, producing over 50% of the UK’s Gin and almost 15% of the world’s Gin. In 2011 the business was bought by Quintessential Brands.


Made from 100% neutral grain spirits and quadrupled distilled. The botanicals are left to steep for 24 hours before the final distilling in a 200-year old copper pot still. Presented in a black colored round squat stylish bottle.


London Dry Gin/ Flavored Gin – Blackberry & Blueberry.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

40% (80 Proof).

Price Range

$$$$ - $$$$$. Not available in the USA. However, both in the UK, try Master of Malt and be prepared to pay an additional 65% for shipping or Uvinum with shipping another 115% more!


10 Botanicals are used, including: almonds, angelica, blackberries, blueberries, cassia bark, coriander (Bulgaria), juniper berries (Tuscany), liqorice, orange peel (Valencia) and orris root.

We must confess to a little confusion with the botanicals used because some list lemon peel and some omit the almonds and liqorice – we’ve made our best educated guesses but beg to be corrected should Brockmans fully list their botanicals in the future.



Tasting Notes

On the nose is red berry fruit, citrus and spice plus a very faint marzipan (almond) note. On the palate this creamy smooth sweet and soft spirit has berry fruit, citrus (orange) with a hint of aniseed (liqorice) and ginger (coriander). Behind this, (and you have to search), is the juniper (pine and lavender), nuttiness (almond) and some floral notes in the background. The close is dry, bitter and sweet with fruit and orange and a little herb and spice in a medium finish. This has some hidden depths and complexities and worth trying.

This is easy to drink neat (on its own) or over ice. It also does very nicely as a long drink with Tonic, Soda, Ginger Ale (very nice), Cranberry Juice and (perhaps best of all) a sparkling elderflower Presse. Garnish any of these suggested drinks with berry fruits, slice of lemon or lime, or any citrus twist. Although we would not recommend this for a Martini, do not take this to mean you shouldn’t - it will just make a fruity one; consider garnishing it with berry fruit (e.g. blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry etc.) rather than olives. A true cocktail this Gin was matched in heaven with, its soul mate, is the Bramble – try it and see what we mean!

This is a London Dry but it is not your classic type, if you ordered (for example) a G&T and were served this, you would return it! This is because of the slight but still dominant fruit flavoring and thus we have categorized it as such – think of this more akin to something like a clear Sloe Gin, and you’ll be on the right tracks. What surprises us, is some how Brockmans have persuaded the powers that be, this is a London Dry Gin!

All in all this is liqueur like and people expecting a London Dry Gin will be extremely disappointed. It has led to a few negative comments describing it as candy flavoured cough medicine. We are sure to some palates this may well be the case, especially if you are expecting a traditional Gin. However, Brockmans have tried to be daring and different and we believe this has been achieved; it is smooth, nicely flavoured and worthy of being called a Gin – so, stop debating and simply sit back and enjoy it.

Awards & Accolades

Platinum Medal, Spirits International Prestige Awards, 2015.

Gold Medal, Artisan Awards, 2014.

Bronze Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2013.

Silver Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2012.

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