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Blackcurrant Gin


Retailed exclusively by Angus and Frances Ferguson of Demijohn Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.




Family run business established in 2004 acting primarily as retailers for small scale UK based producers. They sell a range of liqueurs and other flavored liquids (including oils and vinegars) and refer to themselves as a Liquid Deli. Starting with the one shop in Edinburgh this has increased to include shops in Glasgow and York, not to mention a thriving mail order trade, which stretches across the globe.

They have the unusual but environmentally friendly process of selling their fluids in over 20 different sized and shaped bottles, which can be refilled at their shops, or returned by mail for refilling – saving a discount of 10%. Please note, due to small-scale production and limited seasonal supplies, products are not always available to meet demand! To assist in the process the business close down their retail outlets for several days throughout the year and everyone goes picking the natural produce from the wild e.g. elderflowers and sloeberries, to provide supplies for many of their producers.


Phyliss and Colin Hingston make this on their Worcestershire farm in England, UK - using an updated version of an old family recipe dating from 1842. Blackcurrants and a little sugar are steeped in Gin before being ready to sell.


Flavored Gin - Blackcurrant.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

20% (40 Proof).

Price Range

$$$$$$. Not available in the USA. Only available exclusively from Demijohn, shipping is available but some restrictions to the USA apply and cost is dependent upon location.


Unknown but includes blackcurrants.


It was while in Italy, seeing a Cantina refilling customers’ containers with wine, the idea to replicate this back in the UK came to mind for owner Angus Ferguson. A demijohn (or carboy) is a large container for carrying liquids (water, wine or liquor) and is usually 5 gallons in capacity (but can be anything up to 15 gallons). The name is based on this classic carrier and the key botanical flavor used.

Tasting Notes

On the nose is a clear blackcurrant/red berry aroma. On the palate this sweet full-bodied spirit has a strong blackcurrant flavor. The close continues with the blackcurrant plus a faint peppery spice in the finish.

This is good to drink neat as a winter warmer although there is some cloying sweetness, which a few people may not find to their personal taste. However, this spirit really comes into its own when used in mixed drinks, where it performs just like a crème de cassis. Use this with a sparking wine for a Kir cocktail base, especially with champagne for a Kir Royale, or alternatively with hard sparkling cider. This pairs well with elderflower and using a sparkling elderflower wine is sublime. Perhaps the simplest everyday drink is to mix with soda water and garnish with a slice of lemon.

It has many culinary uses too and does particularly well with venison, duck and other game fowl. It works well with fruit desserts and our very simple personal favorite is to drizzle some over vanilla ice cream! This is a rare flavoured Gin but compared with others available on the market this is at a high price point. We are not convinced this is superior to others available at a lower price point. We can only suggest tasting it for yourself to determine if you value the flavor for the price, as we are undecided ourselves.

We believe this Gin is exactly the same as Tipsy Fruit Blackcurrant Gin – especially since it is made by the same people!

Awards & Accolades

Gold Medal, The Great Taste Awards, 2005.

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