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Original Pink Gin


Martin Edgerton Gill of Edgerton Distillers Ltd., Woodside, Croydon (made by Thames Distillers Ltd., Clapham), London, UK.


Edgerton Pink.


This family run business, with Martin Gill as Chairman, was established in 2010.

Thames Distillers is run by Charles Maxwell who is the 8th generation of the family (founders of the Finsbury Distillery) who have been producing Gin since 1700 – making them the oldest unbroken lineage in Gin distillation.


The base is made from pure grain spirit, twice distilled. The botanicals are added and steeped for 24 hours in this base, before being distilled a third and final time. Pomegranate extract is added after distillation to provide the coloring for the Gin.

The vibrant pink colored Gin is presented in tall clear cylindrical bottles with black screen-printed writing.


Distilled Dry Gin.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

47% (94 Proof).

Price Range

$$$$$ - $$$$$$. Not available in the USA. Try Master of Malt in the UK but prepare to pay an additional 55% for shipping.


The 15 botanicals include: almonds, angelica root, cassia bark, cinnamon, coriander seeds, damiana (a Mexican herb), grains of paradise, juniper berries, lemon peel, liquorice root, nutmeg, orange peel (sweet), orris root, pomegranate extract, and savory.


Named after the owner’s middle name and the classic cocktail Pink Gin (this doesn’t in fact have any bitters added to it) but is really only Gin that happens to be colored pink.

Tasting Notes

On the nose are fruit (pomegranate), sweet citrus (orange) and juniper with smoky floral notes plus a touch of spice (cinnamon). On the palate this sweet (liquorice) spirit has strong tart fruit and tangy orange, followed by light juniper with faint mint and rose. The long close has spicy pepper (grains of paradise) and bittersweet citrus with hints of chocolate in the finish.

This is a fruity Gin with a crispness making it great for long refreshing summer time drinks; new Gin drinkers should find this easy and pleasing. Traditional Gin lovers will find a different flavor profile than they are used to, which for some may enticingly bring a new enjoyment to their palate. Many Gins can get “lost” in a Gin & Tonic but this one is strong enough to shine through, even in a weak 2 or even 3:1 ratio. It is perhaps the best traditional mixed drink for this Gin where the fruity sweetness balances well with the bitterness of the tonic. In a Martini it is perhaps too strong and so a wetter rather than dryer one is recommended although the herbal notes of Vermouth do not really suit this Gin. It works well in a Cosmopolitan and the Aviation is good choice of drink with all the ingredients playing off each other with interesting effect. Our favorite cocktail proved to be the Gimlet; the lime has a most alluring impact on the palate and certainly left us wanting more.

It is fair to say this Gin, despite how it may appear at first glance with its pink color, is more than just a novelty. It has a lot to offer in the right choice of drinks and requires experimentation; we implore traditionalists who may initially dislike it not to give up straight away but persevere. The pink also has its uses e.g. for Valentines Day or other romantic occasions etc.

Awards & Accolades

Bronze Medal, International Spirits Challenge, 2012.

Gold Medal, Gin Masters, 2011.

Silver Medal, International Wine and Spirit Competition, 2011.

Best selling Gin at Harrods (an exclusive department store in London) during 2011.

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