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Raspberry Gin


Alex Nicol of The Spencerfield Spirit Company Ltd., Spencerfield Farm, Inverkeithing, Fife, Kirkcaldy, Scotland, UK. Distributed in the USA by Frederick Wildman & Sons Ltd., New York.


The Spencerfield Spirit Co. and Frederick Wildman & Sons.


The Spencerfield land has been involved in distilling since the 1700’s. James Anderson was the first but had to stop, when distilling outside of London was prohibited. This led him to immigrate to America where he became farm manager at Mount Vernon, and was instrumental in initiating and producing George Washington’s Whiskey.

Alex Nicol with a corporate background in the drinks industry, including Marketing Director of (the famous Whisky) Glenmorangie, started The Spencerfield Spirits Co. in 2005. Whilst they have concentrated on Whisky production (becoming famous in their own right), in mid 2010 they launched Edinburgh Gin, and this Raspberry flavoured version was released in late 2011.


Using Scottish grown grain the base spirit is made at the Invergordon Distillery. A traditional recipe from the 1700’s is used, from a company in the Port of Leith, which is now defunct. The last distillation, where the classic botanicals are used, is carried out at Langley Distillery near Birmingham, West Midlands. England. This is done in small batches using a 200-year-old Scottish copper pot still known as No.7, but also affectionately called “Jenny”. Finishing touches to the production (including the addition of further botanicals and the infusion of Raspberries), and bottling, is carried out by Broxburn Bottlers in Edinburgh. Only a little cane sugar is added, about 50% of the amount used in a commercially produced Sloe Gin. This is a limited edition Gin and is subject to seasonal availability.


Flavored Gin - Raspberry.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

20% (40 Proof).

Price Range

$$$. We do not believe this is available in the USA - try Master of Malt in the UK, but be prepared to pay an additional 70% for shipping.


8 or 9 classic botanicals (including: angelica, coriander, juniper, lemon peel and orris root) are initially used in the last distillation. However, further botanicals are brought to bear in the distillate – we assume by steeping. These Scottish botanicals include heather, juniper berries, milk thistle, pine and (Perthshire) raspberries.


Besides being produced and bottled in Edinburgh, it is the capital city of Scotland, and this firmly establishes its connections with the country – namely made in Scotland, using Scottish grain and the addition of unique Scottish botanicals. Edinburgh also has a long association with the production of Gin. In the 1700’s there were 8 legal distilleries and somewhere in the region of 400 illegal ones, in and around Edinburgh, most producing for the London market.

The raspberry is self-explanatory!

Tasting Notes

On the nose is a clear fruity raspberry with pine in the background. On the palate you find the smooth pine and spiciness of the Gin, with the strong fruity raspberry, in a tart and semi-sweet blend of balanced tastes. Finishes with a tangy spice.

As one would expect with flavored Gins, this is not really suited to the classic Gin & Tonic and to a lesser extent a Martini. It is best used by itself for sipping (a great wintertime treat at room temperature) or for long carbonated mixed drinks. A good choice is a Tom Collins and we highly recommend using Champagne and the Raspberry Gin to create a Kir Impérial, or with any other sparkling wine for a Kir Pétillant variation. Whatever you may try it with, a good tip to remember: if the end result is too tart for your taste, you can always sweeten it by adding some simple syrup or honey.

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