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Gin Brand Reviews

By Alcohol Content

135 Proof

Batshit Mental Ideas Anglo-Scottish-American.

127 Proof

Alambic's Special Caribbean.

121 Proof

Alambic's Special Islay.

120 Proof

Blackwood's Vintage Limited edition 60;  Finsbury.

115 Proof

Sipsmith VJOP.

114 Proof

Hayman's Royal Dock of Deptford;  Plymouth Navy Strength;  Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Bathtub Navy Strength;  Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Cask Aged Navy Strength;  Spy Hop Harvest Select Navy Strength.

110 Proof

Cadenhead Old Raj Blue Label.

100 Proof

Alambic's Special Islay II;  Ancient Mariner;  Cadenhead Classic;  Demijohnnie;  Ralph Dodd's.

99 Proof

Alambic's Special Orkney;  Junípero.

96 Proof

Adnams First Rate;  Foxdenton 48;  Greenall's Special;  Williams.

95 Proof

Blackwood's Vintage;  Gordon's Export;  Knockeen Hills Heather;  Tanqueray;  Tanqueray No. Ten;  Tanqueray Old Tom;  Tottering Sharpener.

94 Proof

Beefeater;  Bellringer;  Boë;  Bombay Amber;  Bombay Sapphire;  Broker's;  Bulldog Extra Bold;  Burleigh's Distiller's Cut;  Burleigh's Export Strength;  City of London;  Edgerton Original Pink;  Finsbury 47 Platinum;  Gilpin's Westmorland;  Goa;  Haswell;  Kensington;  Kensington Reserve XO;  London 47;  Oxley;  Pink 47;  SW4 Batch 47;  Testbed 1;  The London No.1 Original Blue.

93 Proof

The Times.

92 Proof

7 Dials;  Berry Bros. & Rudd No. 3;  Brandon's;  Cadenhead Old Raj Red Label;  Cadenhead Sloe;  Cotswolds Dry;  Half Moon Orchard;  Origin Albania;  Origin Bulgaria;  Origin Croatia;  Origin Italy;  Origin Kosovo;  Origin Macedonia;  Origin Netherlands;  Roast;  The Botanist Islay Dry.

90 Proof

50 Fathoms;  Barr Hill;  Beefeater 24;  Bloomsbury 45 Lemon;  Bloomsbury 45 Orange;  Bloomsbury 45 Original;  Bogart's;  Boodles;  Booth's;  Botanic Ultra;  Corbin Western Dry;  Dr. J's;  Fords;  Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength;  Vedrich.

88 Proof

Cambridge Autumn/Winter;  Chilgrove;  Citadelle;  Citadelle Reserve;  Geranium;  Hendricks;  Magellan;  Old English;  Sacred Cardamom;  Sacred Coriander;  Sacred Juniper;  Sacred Liquorice;  Sacred Orris;  Sacred Pink Grapefruit;  Sipsmith (Blue Label);  Steed;  Warner Edwards Harrington;  Worship Street Whistling Shop Cream;  Zephyr Black.

87 Proof

Batshit Mental Ideas Negroni Aged Bathtub;  Fifty Pounds;  Hunters;  Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Bathtub;  Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Cask Aged.

86 Proof

6 O'clock;  Anno  Bayswater;  Beefeater Burrough's Reserve;  Blackfriars;  Bombardier Military;  Bombay Original;  Brecon Botanicals Special Edition;  Brennan & Brown;  Chancery;  Edinburgh;  Jensen’s Bermondsey;  Jensen’s Old Tom;  Jodhpur;  Jodhpur Reserve;  Juniper Green Organic;  Hoxton;  Knockeen Hills Elderflower;  Mayfair;  McDowell's Blue Riband;  Mombasa Club Colonel's Reserve;  Reisetbauer Blue;  Stretton's;  The Dorchester Old Tom.

85 Proof

Darnley's View Spiced;  Opihr Oriental Spiced;  Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Old Tom;  The Botanical's;  The Spectator.

84 Proof

Adler;  Aviation;  Bombay Sapphire East;  Cambridge Spring/Summer;  Caorunn;  Dà Mhìle Farmhouse Botanical;  Damrak Amsterdam Original;  Hotel Chocolat Cocoa;  Japanese;  Masons Yorkshire;  NB;  Portobello Road No. 171;  Spy Hop;  Spy Hop Harvest Select;  Tarquin's;  The King of Soho;  Whitley Neill.

83 Proof

Langley's No.8;  Little Bird;  Mombasa Club;  Sipsmith (Green Label);  Tanqueray Rangpur.

82 Proof

Ish;  Plymouth

80 Proof

Adnams Copper House Distilled;  Anty;  Aristocrat;  Bafferts;  Bafferts Mint;  Bankers Club;  Bankes;  Barber's;  Barton;  Bath Canary Edition;  Becketts Type 1097;  Bedrock;  Beefeater Lime;  Beefeater London Garden;  Beefeater Orange;  Berkeley Square;  Berrys' Best;  Berrys' Good Ordinary;  Black Death;  Bloom;  Blue Ribbon;  Botanic;  Boxer;  Brecon Special Reserve;  Brighton;  Brockmans;  Bulldog;  Burleigh's;  Butler's Lemongrass & Cardamom;  City of London Dry;  Conker Spirit Dorset Dry;  Cremorne 1859 Colonel Fox's;  Darnley's View;  Gabriel Boudier Dry;  Gabriel Boudier Saffron;  Gilbey's;  Gilt;  Ginebra San Miguel;  Gloag's;  Hammer;  Hayman's;  Gordon's;  Greenall's Original;  Hayman's 1820 Gin Liqueur;  Hayman's Family Reserve;  Hayman's Old Tom;  Horse Guard;  Iceberg;  Ish Limed;  Ivy City;  Jack Cain's;  Judges;  Kinsey;  Langtons No.1;  London 40;  London Hill;  Martin Miller's;  New Amsterdam;  Old Hollywood Ginn;  Old Lady's;  Olifant;  Oliver Cromwell 1599;  Oliver Twist;  Palmers;  Perivale;  Quintessential;  Raffles;  RightSacred;  Sacred Christmas Pudding;  Sacred Tate;  Seagram's Extra Dry;  Spirit of London;  Strathearn Caledonia Classic;  Strathearn Heather Rose;  Strathearn Homecoming Scotland;  Strathearn Oaked Highland;  SW4;  Tanqueray Malacca;  The Bitter Truth Spiced Navy Pink;  The Sting;  Twisted Nose;  Two Birds;  Two Birds Speciality Cocktail;  Warner Edwards Elderflower Infused;  Warner Edwards Victoria's Rhubarb;  Williams Great British Extra Dry;  Williams Seville Orange;  Williams Single Botanical;  Zephyr Blu.

78 Proof


76 Proof

Doornkaat;  Xorigeur.

75 Proof

Belgravia;  Blackdown Sussex;  Coldstream;  Duchess;  Finsbury;  Glen's;  Gordon's (UK);  Gordon's Crisp Cucumber;  Invergordon Organic;  Kensington Silver;  Marlborough;  Pinkster;  Richmond;  South Bank;  Squires;  Sysland Trophy.

70 Proof

Caballito;  Holandesa;  Slamseys Sloe;  Van Wees Amsterdamsche Old Genever.

68 Proof

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Sloe.

60 Proof

Addingham Blackberry;  Addingham Blackcurrant;  Addingham Sloe;  Jack Cain's Damson;  Jack Cain's Sloe;  Warner Edwards Harrington Sloe;  Williams Sloe;  Williams Sloe Mulberry.

58 Proof

Bloomsbury Sloe;  Sipsmith Sloe;  Sipsmith Summer Cup;  Slamseys Rose.

56 Proof

Bloom Strawberry Cup;  Hawker's Sloe;  Sloe Bloom;  The Bitter Truth Sloeberry Blue.

54 Proof

Atholl Estates Sloe;  Berry Bros. Finest Sloe;  Chilton Seville Orange;  Foxdenton Sloe;  Tottering Sloe.

53 Proof

Scottish Liqueur Centre Bramble;  Scottish Liqueur Centre Sloe;  The House of Bruar Bramble;  The House of Bruar Original Sloe.

52 Proof

Adnams Copper House Sloe;  Ampleforth Abbey Damson;  Ampleforth Abbey Elderberry;  Ampleforth Abbey Sloe;  Bramley & Gage Damson;  Bramley & Gage Organic Sloe;  Bramley & Gage Sloe;  Chilton Damson;  Cowen Sloe;  Cowmire Hall Damson;  Demijohn Seville Orange;  Gordon's Sloe;  Gwirodydd Lysh Damson;  Gwiordydd Lysh Sloe & Almond;  Hayman's Sloe;  Juniper Green Organic Sloe;  Lyme Bay Winery Reserve Damson;  Lyme Bay Winery Reserve Sloe;  Plymouth Sloe;  Sloe Crafts Damson;  SLOEmotion Damson;  SLOEmotion Sloe.

50 Proof

Celteg Sloe;  Condessaa Sloe;  Demijohn Sloe;  Gabriel Boudier Sloe;  Lindisfarne Damson;  Lindisfarne Sloe;  Melton Mowbray Raspberry;  Melton Mowbray Sloe;  Mother's Ruin Damson;  Mother's Ruin Sloe;  Rasithorpe Manor Sloe;  Sloe Crafts Sloe;  SLOEmotion No.7 Fruit Cup;  Strawberry Bank Blackberry;  Strawberry Bank Damson;  Strawberry Bank Sloe;  Tipsy Fruit Sloe.

49 Proof

Berry Good Blackcurrant.

46 Proof

Berry Good Raspberry;  Raisthorpe Manor Raspberry;  Slamseys Blackberry;  Slamseys Raspberry.

44 Proof

Demijohn Damson;  Raisthorpe Manor Damson;  Scots' Cheer Damson.

43 Proof

Foxdenton Raspberry.

40 Proof

Demijohn Blackcurrant;  Edinburgh Elderflower;  Edinburgh Raspberry;  Foxdenton Blackjack;  Tipsy Fruit Blackcurrant;  Tipsy Fruit Cherry;  Tipsy Fruit Damson;  Tipsy Fruit Raspberry;  Tipsy Fruit Seville Orange;  Van Wees Bay.

37 Proof

Foxdenton Damson.

36 Proof

Sacred Rosehip Cup.

35 Proof

Foxdenton Winslow Plum;  My Gineration Redcurrant.

34 Proof

Demijohn Gooseberry;  Moniack Sloe;  Monkhide Sloe;  My Gineration Blackcurrant;  My Gineration Cranberry;  My Gineration Damson;  My Gineration Gooseberry;  My Gineration Passionfruit;  My Gineration Plum;  My Gineration Silky Raspberry;  My Gineration Sloe.

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