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Hunters (Cheshire) Gin


Jon Jones and Ian Class of Hunters Gin Ltd., Penketh, Cheshire (made by Langley Distillery, Birmingham), England, UK.


Hunters Gin.


Jon Jones (Chairman) and Ian Class (Managing Director) are friends with decades of experience in the drinks industry. The Gin was first produced in late 2012 and fully launched in early spring 2013.


Based on a 300 year-old recipe, it is made from neural grain spirit. The botanicals are steeped before being batch distilled using two John Dore copper pot stills (circa 100 years-old).

The Gin is presented in a frosted dark green colored wine-style bottle. The large white label has a green map in the background, a gold circle towards the top depicting a wheat sheaf and Hunters Gin, also written in gold, below it.


London Dry Gin.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

43.3% (87 Proof).

Price Range

$$$$ - $$$$$. Not available in the USA. However, try Master of Malt in the UK but prepare to pay an additional 55% for shipping.


Natural botanicals used include: angelica root (France & Belgium), cassia bark (China), cinnamon bark (Madagascar), coriander seeds (Eastern Europe), juniper berries (Balkan), lemon peel (Spain), liquorice root (Mediterranean), nutmeg (West Indies), orange peel (Spain) and orris root (Florence, Italy).


Unknown, although we are aware the Chairman, Jonathan Jones, enjoys hunting – perhaps he named it after this hobby.

Tasting Notes

On the nose are pine (juniper) plus citrus (mainly lemon but also some orange) with hints of floral earthy spice (angelica, coriander & orris) and faint cinnamon. On the palate this smooth oily spirit displays a light sweetness and has lots of dry earthy juniper plus tart fruity citrus (lemon and orange) with liquorice and spicy notes. In the close the dry juniper and crisp bittersweet citrus continues with a developing herbal and spicy finish, with just a hint of floral notes.

This is a classic style London Dry Gin with just a hint more citrus and spice than is usual, giving it a notable but not loud or overt character. This may be drunk neat but was designed, whilst still being versatile, for Gin & Tonic. It is therefore unsurprising that it does make a very good G&T, lots of traditional juniper bite with fresh tangy citrus to please the most ardent of Gin drinkers, try a slice of lemon or lime as garnish. In a Martini a similar profile is found, juniper and sweet citrus, with a little more hint of spice (coriander) mixing well with the Vermouth to make a great drink – we suggest a lemon twist for garnish.

Overall, this is a good standard Gin that traditional Gin lovers will thoroughly enjoy whilst hinting at other flavor aspects of citrus and spice, something newer modern Gin drinkers may feel at home with too. This is a versatile Gin made with aplomb and we recommend it unreservedly.

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