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Jensen's Bermondsey Gin


Christian Errboe Jensen of Bermondsey Gin Ltd., Bermondsey, London, England, UK. Using Thames Distillery, Clapham, London for production, it is distributed in the UK by Speciality Brands Ltd.


Bermondsey Gin Ltd. 


Danish born Christian Jensen was working in IT for the banking industry and found himself on assignment in Tokyo. Whilst there he met a barman, known as Oda-San, who introduced him to an old unidentifiable Gin from London. During his sojourn, Christian (enjoying this Gin) drank most of it and was presented with a the last remaining bottle on his eventual return home to London.

The Gin pervaded in Christian’s mind and he sought every bottle he could find. Evetually he ended up at a Public Records Office researching recipes from the original, now closed, distillery. Armed with the remains of the last bottle and these recipes, he went to Charles Maxwell at Thames Distillery to see if they could recreate this Gin. After much trial and error, in 2001 Bermondsey Gin was born, ready to share this old style London Dry Gin with as many people as possible.

We understand Jensen wishes to make production of his spirits more personal and Bermondsey Gin are planning to set up their own distillery during 2013. It is also hoped they will add to their portfolio with a range of flavored Gins in the near future.


Small batch production but actual methods unknown.


London Dry Gin.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

43% (86 Proof).

Price Range

$$$ - $$$$. Master of Malt in the UK can ship but look to add another 60 – 70% for this.


Botanicals include: almond, angelica, coriander, juniper berries, liquorice and orris root.


Jensen, the surname of the founder, and Bermondsey as the location in London of the founder’s home and subsequent business.

Tasting Notes

On the nose is clear juniper and pine with spicy ginger, citrus and floral (lavender) notes. On the palate the silkiness shows the strong juniper with spice and floral notes (violet), finishing with good peppery spice. Liquorice seems to provide an undertone on the nose and the palate, from start to finish.

It is very good in a Gin & Tonic and a Martini plus any mixed drink where the requirement is for a spirit, which is obviously Gin. This is clearly a “Gin Lover’s Gin” and is heartedly recommended. It’s a shame it’s only available in the UK – where are the willing and able distributors when you need them? We are waiting with impatience for this to be available in the USA. We understand Vendetta Spirits in Louisiana are trying to place small quantities within the USA.

Awards & Accolades


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