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Pinkster Gin


Pinkster Gin, North Hertsfordshire, and made by Thames Distillers, Clapham, London, UK.


Pinkster Gin.


Pinkster Gin was founded by entrepreneur Stephen Marsh (A.K.A. “Colonel Pinkster”) and is also a Finance Director at two companies. In creating the Pinkster Gin Company, with Stephen as Managing Director, he is joined by fellow Directors Giles Moffatt and Will Holt.

It all started when Stephen developed a yeast allergy and thus changed from his wine drinking to concentrating on spirits. Already a keen Gin drinker he began experimenting with fruit infusions and after 2 years hit upon a raspberry recipe to his taste. Sharing it with others, he found it wasn’t only him who enjoyed it. With the six figure backing of a private equity firm, Stephen decided to push production further and approached Thames Distillers.

Thames Distillers is run by Charles Maxwell who is the 8th generation of the family (founders of the Finsbury Distillery) who have been producing Gin since 1700 – making them the oldest unbroken lineage in Gin distillation. With the help of Charles, Pinkster Gin was finally launched in summer 2013.


Using the small Tom Thumb and Thumbelina stills at Thames Distillers, a triple distilled Gin is produced. British raspberries are steeped before and after production in this triple distilled spirit, to create Pinkster Gin. Nevis Design who, based in Edinburgh, already has several Whisky designs to their portfolio produced the brand identity for this Gin. The result is the portrayal of a very British Colonel Pinkster, an idiosyncratic style that is as charming as the quirky style of Hendrick’s Gin.

The pink colored Gin is presented in a clear squat rectangular bottle. There is a small rectangular label positioned a third of the way down from the top of the bottle. The label is divided in half horizontally and is colored pink at the bottom and silver at the top. “Pinkster” is clearly written in black text in this silver colored section.


Flavored Gin - Raspberry.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

37.5% (75 Proof).

Price Range

$$$$$. Not available in the USA. Try Master of Malt in the UK but be prepared to pay an additional 50% for shipping.


The Gin uses 5 botanicals including: juniper berries and raspberries. The other three botanicals are kept a closely guarded secret.


Unknown although the color of the Gin is obviously used in the name “Pink”ster.

Tasting Notes

On the nose are raspberry, subtle juniper and light hints of spice. On the palate this faintly sweet and softly smooth spirit has “jammy” red fruit (raspberry), dry juniper and spicy pepper (coriander). On the close is a light fruity mellow sweetness, which gives way to dry spicy pepper notes. This is a well-made soft spicy fruit Gin.

Despite the juniper presence, there are few characteristics of a classic Gin and this will, no doubt, be disappointing for Gin lovers. However, this softly and sweetly flavoured spirit is more likened to flavoured Vodka and is sure to win the hearts of non-Gin drinkers quite readily. Our personal disappointment, as ardent Gin drinkers, was overcome somewhat when we tried this in a Gin & Tonic. We followed their suggestion of using Fever Tree Tonic and mint as a garnish and were immediately impressed by this fresh, flavor some and delightful drink – proving a good choice for warm summer months. A Martini proved to be soft and smooth with nice spicy raspberry notes, even though it was missing the juniper “bite” traditional Gin drinkers like, this make an easy drinking choice many people will enjoy.

In conclusion it isn’t Gin as Gin lovers like it to be and is more at home to Vodka drinkers. However, this shouldn’t stop anyone from trying it in cool mixed drinks, especially during hot weather.

Awards & Accolades

Silver Medal, International Wine and Spirit Competition, 2013.

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