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Scot's Cheer Damson Gin


Scots’ Cheer Ltd., Crauchie, East Linton (near Edinburgh), East Lothian, Scotland, UK.


Scots’ Cheer


Scots’ Cheer produce a range of real fruit liqueurs and was established in 1998 by husband and wife team Derry Campbell and Robin Ford. Making their own liqueurs at home for personal consumption, they received positive feedback from family, friends and some representatives in the drinks industry. This spurred them on to give up their day jobs as Physical Education teachers at Portobello High School in Edinburgh, and pursue their liqueur production as a commercial business.

Having made their own Sloe Gin for some years, one particular year they encountered a poor harvest for sloeberries. Instead they turned to using blackberries, paired with Scotch Whisky, to make what they called Brammle (an old Scottish name for Brambles, more commonly known as Blackberry bushes). Armed with these recipes, the courageous step was taken to start production from their kitchen and in 1999 made around 3,000 bottles, using the facilities of a local bottling plant on Sundays. By 2002, with the inclusion of more product offerings, sales have reached 1,000 bottles per week. This has necessitated the move to commercial premises in Fenton Barns near Blairgowrie, including their own bottling facilities, and the 25 part time employees helping with bottling, labelling and packaging.

We believe their Damson Gin was launched in 2003.


Made with an undisclosed Scottish made Gin and English harvested damsons. The fruit is left to infuse in vats of spirit until mature and mellow, before being bottled.

The Gin is presented in a clear squat bottle with a “pinched” waist and a long neck. It has a yellow colored label shaped to mimic the contour of the bottle and has “Damson Gin” clearly shown in dark red colored text plus a green colored hand drawn image of Edinburgh.


Flavored Gin - Damson.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

22% (44 Proof).

Price Range

$$$ - $$$$. Not available in the USA, try on line from the UK: Master of Malt with shipping an additional 50% or The Green Welly Shop with shipping at an additional 100%. 


Unknown but includes damsons and juniper berries.


The Scottish are renowned for their welcoming hospitality and this is often referred to as “Scots Cheer”. It seems good marketing sense to name a Scottish drink after this phrase and the key botanical flavoring used.

Tasting Notes

On the nose is a clear red fruit (damson) aroma. On the palate this softly smooth and sweet spirit has a strong fruity plum-like flavor. On the close the smooth fruit flavor continues with a warming and bittersweet finish.

This is a good quality Damson Gin with the passion put into its production clearly apparent. Great to take neat as a winter warming drink or with tonic, soda water, sparkling white or blush wine etc., as a refreshing summer time drink. We have a greater preference for damson Gin, as opposed to sloe Gin, and this one proves no exception. A very well made and wonderful offering from Derry and Robin Ford making this easy to recommend highly. Certainly try their other products too, including their unusual and excellent Gooseberry Gin, made exclusively for Demijohn.

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