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The Bitter Truth
Sloeberry Blue Gin


Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck of The Bitter Truth GmbH, Pullach, Bavaria, Germany. (Using the Reisetbauer Distillery, Austria - technically The Bitter Truth are Bottlers).


The Bitter Truth Sloeberry Blue Gin.


Munich Bartenders Berg and Hauck were disappointed in the number and quality of bitters available in Germany so decided to make their own in 2006.This infant company started producing their Sloe Gin the same year but only in very small quantities. In 2008 they enlisted the support of Austrian master distiller Hans Reisetbauer’s Blue Gin, to greatly increase the output, and their Sloeberry Blue Gin was born. This was launched in the USA in 2010.


Completely natural with no artificial ingredients or colorings. Blue Gin is flavored with macerated sloeberry’s, and it’s stones, for many months.  Only a little added sugar – 2.5 oz (70 grams) per litre is used.


Flavored Gin – Sloe.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

28% (56 Proof).

Price Range

$$$$ - $$$$$. Limited availability in the USA. Try online retailers: The Party Source; Amanti Vino; Mid Valley Wine & Spirit; or International Wine Shop.


The same as Blue Gin plus organic sloeberries, a relative of the plum.


The Bitter Truth is name of the company, mainly known for producing quality bitters. Sloeberry is the flavoring added to the Gin and Blue Gin is used as the base spirit – which despite the name is originally clear and not colored blue!

Tasting Notes

On the nose is strong sloe and juniper. On the palate is tart sloe and a little almond (from the stones) plus a long dry juniper finish with herbal and spicy notes. The more time you spend with this, the more you can gain from it, due to the complexity from the 27 botanicals used in the Gin.

A lot of commercially produced Sloe Gin is sweet to the taste but this one is only delicately sweet, making it a real pleasure to use with food pairings outside the standard range of Sloe Gins. This is a sinfully easy drink to sip and whilst we believe some of the complexities of the Blue Gin are masked, much of its high quality character undeniably shines through. This is highly recommended, even if you are not usually drawn to Sloe Gin, you may discover what you have been missing when you partake of this one!

Awards & Accolades

85 Points, Wine Enthusiast.

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