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Tipsy Fruit
Seville Orange Gin


Tipsy Fruit Gins Ltd., Tipsage Farm, Newnham Bridge, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, England, UK.


Tipsy Fruit


Started a few years earlier, Tipsy Fruit Gins Ltd. was established in 2004 as a retirement project by husband and wife team Colin & Phyllis Hingston. It started out as a kitchen table enterprise using produce from their Worcestershire farm to make fruit based Gins and Vodkas. In 2004 they brought their daughter, Michele Kruger, into the business as full time Managing Director responsible for running the operation.

Today the office and administration is run from the farm but the production and bottling is carried out at nearby Kyrewood, Tenbury Wells - with four generations of the family helping out. In 2013 they produced 18,000-liters (4,750 gallons) or 36,000 bottles of Gin and Vodka infused drink.


Tipsy Fruit Gins base their products on an old family recipe dating back to 1848, with produce from the farm (and the surrounding area where possible), using whole fruits rather than purees or concentrates. The fruit is left to infuse in an undisclosed Gin, with some sugar, for a minimum period of three months, before bottling.

This light straw/yellow colored Gin is presented in a tall clear rectangular bottle, with sloping shoulders and long neck. It has a large orange colored rectangular label with white text.


Flavored Gin – Seville Orange.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

20% (40 Proof).

Price Range

$$$$$ - $$$$$$. Not available in the USA but is available online (subject to seasonal variations) from Hop Pocket Wine Company in the UK, for delivery within the UK only.  


Unknown but includes oranges (Seville, Spain).


The use of the word “Tipsy” certainly describes how the fruit must feel having been immersed in the spirit, but it is also a play on the shortened name of the farm “Tipsage”.

Tasting Notes

On the nose is a strong orange aroma. On the palate a sweet but still bitter sharp citrus orange flavor dominates, almost like a tangy orange marmalade. There are hints of a juniper (gin) in the background. The close continues with the orange with a slightly drying finish.

This is very flavorsome indeed, especially as the orange flavored Gins we are used to tasting are Gins with a hint of orange. However, this is orange with a hint of Gin and we shouldn’t be too surprised because it is technically a liqueur (but don’t be confused with comparing it with other orange liqueurs e.g. Cointreau). It is hard not to extol the virtues of this drink; taken neat it is a wonderful winter warmer; mixed with cool sparkling additions (e.g. soda water, tonic etc.) it makes for a refreshing summer time beverage. It also has its culinary uses: think orange duck or chicken, with fruit desserts etc. We like it in the straightforward usage of drizzling over chocolate ice cream! This Gin has our positive recommendation, we dare you to try it as it could prove addictive.

We believe this Gin is exactly the same as Demijohn Seville Orange Gin – especially since it is made by the same people!

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