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There are a few people around the world, but not too many, who carry out online reviews of the ever expanding number of Gin brands available today. Although there are one or two professionals these sites are mostly run by people who are busy with other things (such as a day job!), and so it should not be surprising if some postings prove to be sporadic. We have listed these professionals and gifted amateurs side by side with this, our pick of websites to check out for all things Gin:

Dedicated to Gin...

Gin Foundry

This website started out as a blog back in 2010 and has developed across the last few years into a slick piece of work, with excellent in depth information and reviews about Gin. Run by half-Brit half-Swiss brothers Emile and Olivier Ward and based in London (UK), they are professionals in the drinks industry. 

It seems whatever they turn their hand to, turns to gold: hosting Gin festivals (e.g. Junipalooza), making & selling products (e.g. Gin filled advent calendars) and their “Ginporium” (the import, distribution and retail of spirits) – to name but a few strings to their bow! These guys work hard and with their aim on becoming a global force, there seems little doubt they’ll get there…soon!

Gin Foundry Website

Can also be found on Google plus, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Gin Gents

Started at the beginning of 2015, these are the new kids on the block, with the website operated by two gentlemen from North Carolina (USA): Russ Lay and Jim Trotman. At first glance nothing seems to qualify them for writing about Gin except being gentlemen and their unadulterated love for the botanical spirit. However this turns out to be a very good thing because: you not only get two reviews in one, but they also believe in saying it like it is - so the truth is out there!

Gin Gents Website: Everything about Gin!

Can also be found on Facebook.

Gin Time

Based in Scotland the founder of this website, Geraldine Coates, is in our eyes something akin to the “Queen Mother” or “First Lady” of Gin. Having raised three children, Geraldine went to university as a mature student, before starting work as a copywriter. This led to becoming a freelance writer and the specializing of her work in the drinks industry.

Now, with over two decades of success in this field she has worked on many projects like editing this website (since 2003) and authoring many books. These have included: “Discovering Gin” (1994, co-authored with Nicholas Rootes); “Classic Gin” (2000); “Plymouth Gin: The Adventure” (2004); “Beefeater London: The Story of London’s Gin” (2007); her most famous to date “The Mixellany Guide to Gin” (2009, revised in 2012) and her latest “Gin: The Discerning Gin Drinker’s Companion” (2015).

Gin Time Website: The Site for Gin Lovers Everywhere.

Can also be found on Twitter.

Juniper Diaries

Previously named “Gin Journey” this website is run by Chris “Dug” Dugdale a digital marketing professional from Devon in the UK. The site has been going since around 2011 with a building collection of fine reviews and other information about Gin. Chris has an easy narrative style of writing, creating a warm friendly atmosphere to the site.

Juniper Diaries Website.

Can also be found on Twitter.

Summer Fruit Cup

Run by David T Smith and his wife “Mrs. B” who live near the South Coast of England UK, the website has been running since 2010. It has one of the largest number of Gin reviews, plus a sprinkling of other spirits (e.g. Whisky) and liqueurs, often with a theme attached (we like the “Cocktails with…” series). David, a dapper gent, is a strong proponent of the craft distilling scene both in the US and UK - acting as a speaker, consultant, competition judge and writer. He is co-author of “The Craft of Gin” and author of Forgotten Spirits & Long Lost Liqueurs.”

Summer Fruit Cup Website.

Can also be found on Facebook.

The Gin Is In

Writers Aaron Knoll and wife Kate Garrigan (aka “the Gin Wife”) based in New York City, have been operating this website since 2009, making it the longest running Gin Review website in the USA. It also has one of the largest collections of Gin reviews online and we particularly like the use of their flavor wheel - this pentagonal shaped visual image shows the flavor groups (e.g. floral, citrus etc.) and their intensity levels found in the Gin. Aaron is a consultant within the Gin industry, a Gin judge, and a strong advocate for helping people to find the Gins they like. He has co-authored “The Craft of Gin” (with David Smith - see Summer Fruit Cup above) and his latest book is called “Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival in 300 Distillations”.

The Gin Is In Website.

Can also be found on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

The Gin Queen

Former Brit Caroline Childerley has lived near Melbourne, Australia since 2011. As a marketing and digital content specialist, with a love of Gin, it was not surprising her website appeared in 2013. Besides covering Gin and Gin cocktails from around the world on this website, she runs corporate Gin tasting events and hosts Gin master classes too. With a building presence in the press she also interviews promoters and makers of Gin, both locally and internationally, and we’re sure this is only the stylish beginning of more Gin things to come in the future.

The Gin Queen Website: Three parts woman, one part Gin.

Can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

The Ginstress

Started in 2012 this website had an upgrade in 2014 and not only looks, but also feels sleek and more fun. Publicist for the Belvoir Theatre Company and occasional professional writer, Elly Michele Clough is The Ginstress behind the website, and is based in Sydney (Australia). Although not restricted to just Australian Gin brands, The Ginstress’s “Australian Guide to Gin” is one of the most complete to be found on the internet.

The Ginstress Website: A devoted drinker’s guide to Gin.

Can also be found on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Gin and More...

Difford's Guide

London (UK) based Difford’s Guide is named after the founder, Simon Difford a world-renowned drinks expert. With a background in the industry Simon has owned and run an off licence (liquor store), drinks wholesaler and drinks import business; helped create drink brands (e.g. St-Germain elderflower liqueur); and judges & competes in cocktail competitions.

In 1997 Simon founded “CLASS” one of the most popular Bar Magazines (which he sold) before establishing Diffords Guide in 2001 (and then bought back the rights to “CLASS” in 2009). Today, the website is a huge repository of drink reviews, cocktail recipes and industry information, plus his authorative books on “Cocktails” and more recently “Gin” are easy to see as modern day classics.

Difford’s Guide Website.

Can also be found on Twitter.


Established by Christopher Null in 2007, the website has grown into one of the largest drink review sites on the Internet. Christopher is a writer on technology, business and entertainment but his history is so much more than this simple title portrays. As a journalist and editor he has written a technology blog for Yahoo; contributed to numerous publications including: Business 2.0, PC/Computing, PC World, Men’s Journal and Wired (to name but a few); edited magazines such as “New Architect” and “Smart Business”; plus in 2003 he founded “Mobile PC” Magazine. As a writer he has authored several books including: the novel “Half Mast” (2002) and “Five Stars!” a guide on becoming a Film Critic (2005 and revised for 2013). In 1995 he founded Filmcritic.com, sold it in 2009 to American Movie Classics (AMC) Television, and in 2013 he founded Film Racket. Today based in Novato, California (USA), Christopher is CEO of Null Media LLC, with the websites Drinkhacker and Film Racket both playing their part in the business.

Drinkhacker Website: The Essential Site for the Discriminating Drinker. 

Can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Gin and Crumpets

Co-author of “Contented Calf” a cookbook for breastfeeding mums, Jassy Davis is a freelance food writer and recipe experimenter. She started Gin and Crumpets in 2009 with the aim of reviewing all Gins by the end of that year! So…the crumpets took more of a backseat…with down to earth Gin reviews and a good personal writing style. Today there are now more recipes and food articles to be found on the site, besides just Gin.

Gin and Crumpets Website.

The Complete Gentleman

Well…OK, this is our website but the list would be incomplete without it’s inclusion. Started in 2012 the site is designed to encourage all men to develop their inner and outer selves to be better Gentleman. Part of this includes understanding and knowing about drinks - for social lubrication purposes, obviously. Based in Maryland (USA) ex-Brit David "Woody" Schofield is the owner, editor and writer for the website. With nearly 400 reviews posted, we believe this is the world’s largest number of Gin reviews available in one place. In Autumn 2015 David plans to release his first book: “The Complete Gin Connoisseur”.

The complete Gentleman Website: Where men can become better Gentlemen.

The Rum Howler

By day Chip Dykstra is owner of the Cardsharks Memorabilia Store in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and has been selling sports memorabilia here for over 20 years. At night, he takes on the mantle of “Arctic Wolf” and runs The Rum Howler website. Starting with Rum and Whisky reviews back in 2009, this has grown to include the full range of spirits and has found Chip acting as a judge for spirit competitions and providing consulting services to the drinks industry too. We particularly like his robust scoring system used to rate each drink he samples - while something like this could never be totally objective - it is one of the most objective and detailed reviewing tools we have seen employed online.

The Rum Howler Website: A Website for Spirited Reviews.

Can also be found on Twitter.

Honorable Mentions

Gin Monkey

Emma Stokes is the London (UK) based Gin Monkey in question and has been sharing Gin inspirations, Cocktails, Bars and Distilleries throughout the City on her website since 2009. Her day job is as a trained pharmacological and communications scientist working to stop, prevent and reduce animal testing (hoorah!). This previous bartender has provided consulting services to Gin makers (including making Gin), produced numerous Gin related products (not to mention several apps), hosts Gin Journeys & London Gin Experiences, runs World Gin Day, is co-founder of the London Cocktail Society and operates Gin Master classes...along with editing this website! Due to all of this Gin fueled activity we’ll happily forgive her for not reviewing Gin like other sites on this list.

Gin Monkey Website.

Can also be found on Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest and Instagram.

Gin Reviews

Started in 2011 and based in Aurora, Illinois (USA), regrettably there has been limited posting activity on this website since 2013. Operated by Justin C Kline, as well as a written piece there is also a fun video clip for each Gin review, something other Gin reviewers have not done yet. Justin runs an IT solutions company called Klinetech LLC by day, but the work this obviously requires doesn’t stop us from wanting to see more “Gin Reviews”…please!

Gin Reviews Website: From North Shore to Death’s Door.

Yet Another Gin

Established in 2009 and based in Birmingham (UK), there has been limited activity on this website since 2012. At the last count the website only had 5 Gin reviews but it does include industry-based information on Gin, Cocktails and Bars around Birmingham. Operated by Neil Houston, his first Gin claim to fame was the launch and development of World Gin Day back in 2009. This increasingly popular event is held on the second Saturday of June across the world each year, and has been run by Emma Stokes at Gin Monkey since 2013.

Yet Another Gin Website.

Can also be found on Facebook.

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