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The Complete Gentleman, Issue #004
March 10, 2015

We have just started a gentle updating to The Complete Gentleman website and, if you have been following recent posts, you might have noticed a slightly new look to the pages. The Amazon Adverts have gone from each side of the page, blue colored titles have started appearing throughout the text and the font has increased in size (providing easier viewing on smart phones and tablets). We’ve also moved some items around such as “Get In Touch”, “About Us” etc. We hope you like the new feel, although it will take a full 3-4 months before every page on the website has been updated – yes, there are that many pages!

Our Mission

At the top left had side of each page is a new clickable item “Our Mission”. This is the raison d’être for the website - if you’ve lost track of why you have subscribed to the site, or even need a reminder of how important it is for us to improve and become better gentlemen, this is it. Maybe it’s just me, but I know I shall be constantly referring back to this.


Writing the “Our Mission” article had me thinking not just about what I’m doing to improve myself but also how I might be impacting on the people around me. This arose from researching the statistics regarding family life and what effect being raised in a “fatherless” home can have. While I hope I’m doing a decent job of helping to raise children who can become great functioning adults of the future, I know do not always succeed and can fall short. Here are some quick things to do:

1. Many parents feel they haven’t done as good a job as they could have with their children, even when they have. If possible, make sure your own father knows how much you appreciate what he has done for you. Pick up the phone, go visit or write a letter today.

2. Parenting is not all about grand gestures, insights, exciting trips, wonderful treats etc. It can be as simple as just “being there”. Recommit, and follow through, to attend and see your son/daughter at school sports, performances, trips etc. Make time from work to be home before they go to bed, read a bedtime story or chat across the phone when away on business etc. Take the opportunity, as “just turning up is often half the success”.

3. If you don’t have children or your children are all grown up…think about how else you could contribute to the development of a young person…


I have been blessed with having several older mentors at different times in my life - even today. This has never been part of a formal arrangement but have naturally occurred and developed. I cannot even begin to write about the impact they have/have had on my life in such a short newsletter. However, we can all have a positive role to play in the life of youngsters (and the not so young men) around us. As an Uncle, Grandfather, family friend, neighbor etc. there are budding men who need support and guidance beyond their parents influence (they may not even have that). In addition to this, or if there are no natural opportunities, why not seek a formal organization such as We Build Men or The Mentoring Project.

Building Men

Talking about the building of men…we’ve added another bodyweight workout - A007: Basic 5 Timed Splits. These all round exercises are great for: kick starting your fitness program; keeping fit with minimal equipment; providing a low cost/small space fitness program and when you don’t have access to a gym e.g. traveling. Now we have 7 different ones this can provide you with one for everyday of the week, allowing variety to help stop boredom setting in.

Building Wealth?

Enough on the building of men, what about the building of wealth? There are many resources regarding budgeting and planning your finances but no so many when it comes to the “mind game” of finance. This is often the real arena where we either win or lose in the battle of our finances. Read our new article on “Mind not Math” to find out what we mean by this.

A Keen Eye for Etiquette

Now, when it comes to winning or losing, a competitive sport is a good place to learn how to do both…with grace. Look at these etiquette rules for archery we newly listed, to find out more.

When it comes to triumph and disaster and treating both these imposters the same, no one expressed this better than Rudyard Kipling. His poem “If” is a classic and has so many good lessons, it is worth learning by heart.

Still Getting your Oats?

We’ve been adding posts to the website about oats and oatmeal, since the beginning of the year and this has continued with this one regarding the Medical Health Benefits of Oats.

A Toast

Finally, we have continued to add to our ever-growing list of Distillers & Spirit Producers:

Strathearn Distillery

The Cambridge Distillery

And our list of Gin Reviews (check out “Anty” Gin, made with real ants):


Cambridge Autumn/Winter

Cambridge Spring/Summer


Strathearn Caledonia Classic

As we have entered into March and Spring is just around the corner, many people find this really does bring a spring to their step. I trust you find this to be true for yourself and although this phrase is usually reserved for Christmas, Gentlemen I give you: the season’s greetings.

With the kindest of regards,

David “Woody” Schofield

President and Founder, The Complete Gentleman LLC.

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