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The Complete Gentleman, Issue #010
November 26, 2015


A warm and wonderful thanksgiving to all US Citizens. I trust you have a bounty of things to be thankful for and even if this may not feel true for some of us, remember: health, shelter, subtenance and friends/family are all we truly need. Often the simple things in life are the most overlooked and these are what we should be thankful for, not just for today but for all our days.

A Quiet Month

This month has been a quiet one with regard to postings to the website. The few that have been released have centered around Gin. This has included a review of Junípero Gin from Anchor Distilling and a look at three different categories of Gin:

Navy Strength Gin

New Western Dry Gin

Plymouth Gin

It never ceases to amaze me just how diverse the liquor we know as Gin really is, and we still have a few more categories of Gin to be added across the next month.

New: Facebook

It has been a deliberate strategy to shy away from social media while The Complete Gentleman website has built up content. As the site is now taking better shape, social media can now be introduced and the first of this is Facebook. With a small quip, bon mot, image or small thought we will be seeking to add a moment of pause to your day, on a regular basis. Check out The Complete Gentleman Facebook page and “like” or “follow” us accordingly. There is also a direct feed to this Facebook page, found at the end of every page on the website.

My Personal Thanks

My journey with The Compete Gentleman, and the work and effort required, feels like it has been going on for years. However, the truth is it has only just begun and I’m looking forward to see it continue to grow and develop into the future. This has been possible in part because of people such as yourself, as a subscriber you breathe life into the website and I thank you. My goal is to help encourage men with great minds and spirits to have a positive impact on this world and so…

Gentlemen, I’ll leave you with a toast: “To thankful hearts and beautiful minds.”

With much thanks,

David “Woody” Schofield, President and Founder, The Complete Gentleman LLC.

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