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The Complete Gentleman, Issue #001 -- our first ezine
October 07, 2012

Welcome to our first ezine newsletter and a big thank you to all of you who have subscribed to the site.

Our aim is to provide you with an update on all that is new. So, without further ado, in the last month we have published the following articles:

The definition of a Gentleman

The Definition of a Cocktail

All about the Martini cocktail and how to make one

An Introduction to Etiquette

The origin and definition of Etiquette and Manners

The Underpinnig Rules of Etiquette

Every Day Carry (EDC) Bag - what is is and why use one?

What is Fitness?

Body Weight Workout No.1 - Basic 5 Pyramid

Before leaving your Bedroom/Home - a checklist for your grooming, attire and accoutrements

Learn about and celebrate Fall Hat Month

The importance and application of Etiquette for Hats

Learn about and get ready with Emergency Preparedness Month

Evacuation, the what and how for this Emergency Preparation

Taking Shelter, the what and the how for Emergency Preparation

Learn about and celebrate Organic Harvest Month

Quotes by: Aristotle , Plato & Socrates.

Well, that's all for now folks. We hope, like us, you had a good September. Here's to the days and weeks ahead that make up October.

Coming up during October: Adopt a Dog Month and why have a dog?; Breast Cancer Awareness; Chilli in all different forms; Fitness: Another Body Weight Workout, also Roller Skating for cardio; Cocktails: Martini variations; plus much, much, more!

Kind regards,

David Schofield

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